Sell Your Home With Confidence


There are several steps in the process of selling your home, and each one is important. I'll be here to help you navigate them with ease.

As a Duncan REALTOR® at RE/MAX Island Properties for over 10 years, I am experienced in handling difficult situations and negotiations on behalf of my clients. I will work with you to get the best price and terms possible for your sale.

  • Preparing Your Home

    Getting your home ready to sell goes a long way in ensuring you’ll receive top dollar for your property. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth the trouble in the long run.

    Read more about preparing your home for sale:

  • The Current Market

    With his extensive real estate experience, David has extensive knowledge of the local market, what people are looking for, where it’s heading and how best to make all of this work in your favour. This could mean the difference between your house selling right away or sitting on the market for several months.

  • Listing Your Home

    It’s time to list your home. What better way to set your asking prices than by looking at your tax assessment right? Not so fast.

    Read more about listing your home for sale and pricing your home to sell.

  • Connecting With Buyers

    David offers a variety of value-added services that will increase the visibility of your property while it’s on the market.

    Among them, online marketing and paid advertising featuring professional photography to showcase your home, drone videos and 360 Virtual Home Video Tours, open house showcases for other realtors in the area and regular open houses at prime times to name a few.

    The interest and feedback you’ll receive from potential buyers will be a direct reflection of the effort you put into preparing your house for sale, reaffirming that it was worth it.

  • Finalizing The Sale

    Now that you have an offer, it’s time to negotiate! David will walk you through every step of the process, advising you on counter offers, inclusions, sale conditions and possession date.

    Completing each home sale requires the services of different professionals. David will support you by ensuring that all paperwork is fully and accurately completed. He will also connect with other professionals you’ll need to involve in finalizing the sale.

  • Closing Costs

    Selling a home involves other associated costs such as appraisal fees, inspection costs, and legal fees. David will advise you on what costs to anticipate and explain when to expect each will need to be paid.

    He can also help you to understand these costs and to calculate determine what your total proceeds will be at the conclusion of the sale.

  • Your Home Is Sold! Now What?

    Your house has sold! Now it’s time to get ready to move.

    Read our moving checklist over on the blog so that you don't miss any steps!

Request a Market Evaluation

When you request a Market Evaluation from David Lowes Real Estate Group, we will follow up with you to collect more information about your property and your goals when selling. Start the process by submitting your information below.