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April 21, 2020

Navigating The Real Estate Market During COVID-19

Real estate has been identified as an essential service – it does not mean, however, that it is business as usual.
February 23, 2020

“Drive-Up Appeal”: Get your Property Ready to Show

It is essential that your home possess a certain “drive-up appeal.” Remember, a potential buyer’s first impression of your house is formed while s/he is still sitting in the realtor’s car.
February 23, 2020

A Manual to Prepare your Home for Selling

Buyers are searching for a “home”—a place in which they will feel comfortable, secure,and happy, a place in which they can imagine settling down and raising their family.
February 23, 2020

Early Preparation for Serious Issues

As soon as you decide to list your home, reach out to I would suggest working early with your Realtor® to help evaluate your property. Do a top to bottom walk-through to determine what repairs need to be done and any renovations that might be worth investing in.
February 23, 2020

Tips for Staging your Home

Your house should always be at-the-ready for a tour, as agents may bring clients by with very little notice. If they catch you unprepared and you aren’t able to show the house on the spot, you could be losing out on a sale.
February 23, 2020

How to Get Top Dollar for your Home, Fast!

Studies indicate that the longer a property stays on the market, the less it will ultimately sell for. So, you need to ensure you’re ahead of the game.
February 23, 2020

Hire the Right Agent, For the Right Reasons: 8 Questions to Ask

Choosing an agent is a decision that could ultimately cost or save you thousands of dollars. Keep in mind the individual you choose will be handling almost every maneuver in the biggest financial investment of your life.